Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web Albums is a free photo-sharing site that allows you to store and view your photos online. To use Picasa on the web, you'll have to have a Google account. It gives you 1 GB of free storage space, but if you need more space, you can pay an annual fee .

Once signed on, you can upload your photos from anywhere on your computer.

Geotag and set the privacy rules for the album as you upload it.

If you are using Picasa on your computer, you can upload from there:
  • You can share pictures you've selected in your Photo Tray:

  • or you can also choose to upload from Share right from a movie, album, or folder.

Share buttons in both Picasa and Picasa Web Albums to send email invitations to view your online albums. In Picasa, it will also automatically upload the pictures to your web album. Viewers will get a custom URL to access the pictures. You can always see who you've shared your pictures. This list is only visable to you, the owner of the  album, and you can always make changes to the list.

If you've taken some pictures you would like to share with the world, you can make your public albums searchable. With the Creative Commons licensing feature on Picasa Web Albums, you can choose a CC license for your images. It lets you to share your work while controlling its use.

You can add names, geotags , and keywords or tags to your photos.

As you identify more pictures of the same person, you train the computer to recognize more photos that person is in. And once you've tagged your pictures, you can do things like ask to see all the pictures of "Mom and Dad" or all the pictures you took of the "Golden Gate Bridge."

Picasa Web Albums also has an Explore Page that gives you access to the public content from millions of users across the globe. You can browse the 'Featured Photos' and 'Popular Tags' sections. When you see a photo you like, leave a comment.  Think your know alot about different places in the world? You can play 'Where In The World?' and guess where the photos were taken.