Google Presentation

by Colette
Google Presentation is not quite robust a presentation program as PowerPoint or Keynote but students can create their entire presentation online and work on it with group members or access it from home/school.  But I have found the REAL POWER of Google Presentations is when you use the online presentation format
Instead of my students sitting passively watching a student's PowerPoint presentation, a presenter publishes their presentation online.  In the Computer Lab each student logs into a Google account and accesses the presentation URL.  I allow students to participate in the chat during the presentation as long as their comments are about the presentation, they type additional information about the content, or ask questions to the presenter.  I monitor the chat closely - but I have to say - when I have done this with my students - there is 100% engagement in the presentation and they handle the responsibility of being in the chat room well (it only takes one student to get kicked out and the rest shape up fast!).  They love it and its a great way to get the whole class involved in a presentation.
Here's how it works:
  1. Upload you PowerPoint file to Google Presentations (up to 10MB from your computer)
  2. Warning:  Not all formatting features from Design Templates will always be preserved and there is NO animation.
  3. When you publish your presentation to the Internet anyone will be able to access and view it online. They will also be able to join the presentation online and chat with others also viewing the presentation. Your document will be assigned a unique address (URL) on To do this go to Share button (upper right of screen) and choose Publish.
  4. Click on the published link and this will open up your PowerPoint online and a chat window will appear on the right side of the screen.
  5. In order for audience members to discuss the presentation, they will need to log into their Google account so their name will appear in the chat window.
  6. Google Presentations also provides you with the embed code if you want to place your Google presentation in a webpage, blog or wiki.
  7. Click HERE to view a sample presentation and its chat window.