Gmail - Favorite Features

What I Like Best About Gmail by Colette

While I do enjoy playing around with the artistic themes on my Gmail page, the feature I use the most is search.  Previous to Gmail, I would set up folders and move saved and important emails into those various folders.  It was time consuming and tedious, and I always had to think to myself, "Now, where did I save that?"  With Gmail search, I think of a keyword for an email I want to retrieve, and the results returned highlight all email that the keyword appears in. It's quick, efficient, and suitable for most of my email retrievals.

There are some emails that I want to "save" or organize in some fashion.  The two methods that I use are:  Starred messages and Labels. When I receive an email, for example, a confirmation of a flight I booked, I "star" the message so I can easily view it later.  I usually reserve "stars" for upcoming events, password confirmations, or information I will use often.

I don't apply labels for all of my email, but when I receive an email from someone that I want to come back to and check out a link (see image), I will usually "star" it to remind me to return to it. I might also apply a label to categorize it.  You can apply more than one label to any email conversation.   To create a label you select the message you'd like to label by checking the box next to the sender's name. Then select "New label..." from the "More Actions" drop-down menu.  Enter the name of the new label in the text box, and click OK. You can even color-code labels!  Sometimes I will remove the "star" when finished.

Since you have more than 2,500 megabytes of storage, Google recommends that you archive messages rather than delete them. Once you delete a message it's gone for good. By archiving messages and conversations, you can take advantage of Gmail's powerful search functionality to later retrieve any message you've sent or received.

Google does a pretty good job at filtering out SPAM, but on occasion, some slip by. If that happens, you only need to click on "Report SPAM" and the message is transferred to SPAM.  Messages that have been in Spam more than 30 days will be automatically deleted so I don't worry about getting rid of those message, but I do check through them on occasion to make sure I am not accidentally deleting anything important (I'm not!).