Welcome to Class

Creating an engaging opener  in any class can help set the tone for the entire period. It helps students prepare for the day's lesson, and allows the teacher to create different types of learning environments.

Real Lesson Example:

Fedex logo
-Begin with a simple image projected on the screen. Do not explain to students how the image relates to what you will discuss until class in underway. As they sit down and prepare for class, listen for them to begin discussing with each other what the image means or how it relates to your lesson/unit.

-Play a song in the background, loudly enough to be heard, but softly enough that students can hear and perhaps recognize it. Again, don't reveal why the song is playing until you're ready to begin.
"The Fear" by Lily Allen
-Start with a video clip touching on your topic for the day.
-Revisit your "welcome" throughout your lesson. Consider alternating having your "welcome" visible/audible with having it hidden. Switch back and forth to keep students engaged.
-Have students articulate how your "welcome" ties in with your topic. Have them find other examples that could be used in the same manner and explain to a partner/small group/class how their choice relates to the material.