Take Questions

Some students can hardly wait to ask a question in class, while others may not ask anything during the whole semester. Perhaps these learners understand everything in class, but it's more likely that they are too timid to speak out when confused. Using classroom tech can help you gather questions from both types of students.

Real Lesson Example

Create a wiki for students to discuss or share workspace! We can all log in right now to get a taste of what it's like to work with a wiki. Nora has log in information you can use.

Use a teaching platform to conduct online discussions. This image is a screenshot from an online class.

Online learning discussion screenshot

-Have each student type a question in a Word document. Choose a random question and project it to the entire class. Leave it up to the students if they want to identify themselves as authors of specific questions. Instead of answering the question, turn it back to the class, and let them try to respond. The students could orally discuss their thoughts, or type a few sentences that could again be shared via LAN school. Fill in any blanks they may have missed only after they've had the chance to answer.

-Assign "question emails" as homework. Have students email each other questions and responses about course material. You may want to assign partners or groups. To assess this activity, have them print the emails and turn them in, or simply have the students forward you their conversations. (This is also a great opportunity to address Netiquette in academic work.)

-Have students post questions to a webpage, discussion board, or wiki.

-Create a dedicated course Facebook page or Twitter account and require students to post or tweet questions at certain intervals.