Set Goals

We've all heard the question "What are we doing in class today?" hundreds of times. Students want to know what the plan of action is for the day. Furthermore, having a goal in mind and articulating it to the class helps to keep the lesson moving toward that end. When students know where they're headed, what the desired result is, it can help achieve that objective. Furthermore, setting longer-term goals, such as unit or course goals, can also improve student performance in class.

Real Lesson Example:

By the end of class today, you should be able to apply at least 3 vocabulary words from our unit on narration to this film clip. Think about the ways in which the film tells its story, taking notes as you watch. Near the end of class, after our discussion, we'll watch the clip again.

-Set a goal for the activity/lesson of the day.  Presentation software such as Prezi can help you visually demonstrate to the class how each part of a lesson or activity will help reach the big picture. These can be short-term (class or lesson) or long term (unit, semester, or career) goals.

-A simple PowerPoint slide can be used to create an image  (attached below) that can help students visualize where you've been and where you're going in relation to your subject.
-Whatever your goal, refer back frequently to it for as long as it's relevant. Bring up the slide or presentation periodically to revisit where the class is headed. Have students create and share their own visual versions of the goal.
Nora Villarreal,
Jan 8, 2012, 3:15 PM