Instruct Learners

There's a plethora of technology available for instructing students in your course material. To keep students active and hone their technological skills, consider using your classroom's devices to vary your instructional method. Not only will your students perk up, but your own material can be refreshed by a different delivery method.

-Use Google sites to create a course, subject, unit, or lesson, webpage. Once you are familiar with the software, it is quick and fairly painless to create a useful and engaging webpage in a reasonable amount of time. There are a few online videos that may help you create a great page!

-Take advantage of the ancillary materials offered with textbooks. These are often found online, and are great places for students to rehearse and study what they've learned. These sites are also very useful for students needing to brush up on something they didn't quite catch in class. Students can even complete online quizzes and email the results directly to your teacher account. 

-Use your room's projector to model note-taking techniques as you teach. A necessary but often lacking skill, note-taking can be overwhelming for students who are not experienced with it. They may have trouble differentiating between important information and supplemental discussion. Simply typing along in a Word document can be enough to encourage students to take their own notes during that class, and become more confident when using the skill on their own. Use color coding, headings, bullets, or other elements to organize your notes, and suggest that your students could do the same. You can also save these notes to post for students, or to refer back to later in the unit or semester.

-Share student work via LAN school. Either at random or by volunteering, share responses to questions or activities by sending one student's screen to the entire class.