Further Suggestions

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Fall 2012 Suggestions:
Spring 2012 Suggestions:
Jeff Anderson suggests BookGlutton as a great resource for shared readings and annotations. The "shared notes" function could be especially useful for learning groups. This could be a great tool for many aspects of the teaching and learning process, especially guided practice, instructing learners, and teaching reciprocally.

Cathi Nelson points to the Khan Academy as a wonderful site where learners can find videos and practice activities in many subject areas. It would be quite useful for guided practice and teaching reciprocally. Instructors may also locate videos to be used for instruction.

Laurie Mullen notes that quarterly reflections work well with her Art History students; she suggests having learners make connections between the subject matter and the "real world" through these writings. These could be used as either formative or summative assessments. Ms. Mullen also suggests having a "song of the day" to welcome learners to class. They often perk up when hearing a tune, or comment that they miss it if a song is not playing. This also helps establish a classroom routine, another important feature of an effective learning environment.