Our First Mystery Skype

posted Apr 19, 2012, 6:29 AM by Jessica Jundef   [ updated May 1, 2012, 8:08 PM ]

Yesterday, our 4th grade class participated in their first mystery Skype with a 2nd grade enrichment class in Mason, Ohio.  This was a very exciting lesson for all students involved.  A mystery Skype is when two classrooms participate in a video conference and by asking yes and no questions they must figure out where the other class is located.  Each student is assigned a specific job and they must determine the best questions to ask, keep track of the data collected, narrow down the location, and provide accurate answers to the other class's inquiries.  The assigned jobs were the Inquirers, the Mappers, the Logical Reasoners and the Reporters.  The Inquirers were responsible for asking the questions on camera, the Mappers kept track of the maps in order to help narrow down the location, the Logical Reasoners were in charge of answering all the questions regarding our location, and the Reporters documented the event with photos and back channeling.  We used the format outlined by Mrs. Yollis' Classroom and Langwitches.

The students participated with such enthusiasm and excitement as they attempted to figure out their location.  This is definitely a lesson I will do again.  Now that the students understand how this works and what the specific roles and responsibilities are, I think the next attempt will run even smoother.