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Scout Leaders

What do Leaders do, according to Bill Treasurer?

Six opportunity doors represent ways that a leader can help lift our standards and, potentially, change our life for the better. These doors are:
  • PROVING GROUNDS: Open-door Leaders tap into our deep desire to excel and achieve when they give us opportunities to prove ourselves to ourselves. They give us a shot at performing at a higher level.

  • THOUGHT-SHIFTS: To keep us from being narrow or habitual in our thinking, Open-door Leaders help shift our perspective so we can apply our imagination more fully.

  • SECOND CHANCES: The best lessons in life and at work are often the results of messing up. But the lessons are lost when our leaders judge or punish us too harshly. Open-door Leaders have a higher tolerance for mistakes, seeing them as great opportunities to learn and grow.

  • SERVING OTHERS: Too many leaders replicate themselves when hiring senior executives, or assigning juicy opportunities. Open-door Leaders intentionally go out of their way to reach the people who are least like themselves in order to ensure that everyone has a fair shot.

  • PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION: The well-timed and good-intentioned feedback of an admired leader can change the entire trajectory of one's career. Open-door Leaders are often catalyst figures who bring about our own life and career transformations.

  • OPEN HEARTS: Ultimately what differentiates Open-door Leaders is we know (because they actively show) that they care about us and our well-being. Open-door Leaders reveal themselves to us, letting us see their own hardships, vulnerabilities, and human idiosyncrasies. In short, they are "real" with us.