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Laptops for Linux

As operating systems (Mac or Windows) evolve, older machines can no longer handle them and end up in closets. However, these machines run Linux (an open source system) fine, and will serve our purposes. Linux Mint Cinnamon works on newer machines that will boot off USB drives (degrade to Linux LMDE to boot from a CD).  DSL (Damn Small Linux) will work on the oldest of machines.

If you have one or more old Windows or Macintosh-based machines you are no longer using, please contact Bram Moreinis at 845-750-2412 or

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Brett Johnson Laptops (4) HP Recieved 3 Lack Power Cords 
Lisa Sieverts Mac Macbook G4 Recieved Needs Linux 
Paul Flint Dell Laptops (3) Inspiron Recieved 3 Need Power Cords 
Josh Finkel Toshiba Satellite Recieved Linux Mint 
Evan Goodchild Dell Latitude Recieved Needs Linux 
Lisa Sieverts Asus Netbook Recieved Test Wireless 
Lisa Ranghelli Dell Laptop Promised  
Paul Flint HP/Compaq  Nx6110 Promised In the mail 
Mik Muller Laptop (2)  Promised  
Eric Hall Gateway (some) 255 Promised  
Evan Goodchild IDK  Promised Pick up friday from RLC - drive must be wiped 
Stan Brinkerhoff Dell (2) D620 Promised Need Pickup from Barre, VT 
Jan Werner IBM ThinkPad T40 model 2373 Promised Arrange Pickup PIttsfield 
Heidi Starr HP (5+) Probook 6555b. Promised Need Pickup from St. Albans, VT 
Daniel Lieberman IBM Thinkpad XP Promised Shelburne Falls 
Cathy Whitely Unspecified  Promised  
Madeline Liebling Mac iBook (Clamshell) Promised  
Showing 17 items