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BBEDIT Free Trial (Mac version of Notepad ++) Code-Specific Find-and-Replace! Try it.  Resource  
Regular Expressions with Notepad ++ For cleaning up dirty HTML Resource  
HTML Stripper Pulls out styling from HTML Tool July 23, 2014 
Handbrake: OS Video Compressor Works on all platforms! Make your video files smaller.  Tool July 22, 2014 
PLOP Linux (minimal install from CD) Use on old machines that won't boot from USB Tool July 21, 2014 
Web Based IRC! Get on IRC without downloading anything.  Tool July 17, 2014 
InCommN Area Tech Newsletter (Tech Scouts Featured Next Month) Resource July 17, 2014 
Breaking Web Design Conventions An interesting read from Jakob Nielsen's AlertBox Rant July 21, 2014 
Komposer: Open Source Dreamweaver If you don't have Dreamweaver, download this! Tool July 13, 2014 
Migrating HTML to Wordpress A guide we can uses. Resource July 9, 2014 
Greenfield Linux Users Group Google Group for local Linux users Tool June 25, 2014 
Civic Hackathon Projects Examples of requests for a sites to work on. Resource June 25, 2014 
Local Weather Click on "Hourly" Resource June 25, 2014 
Intro to Computer Science MOOC First Assignment due July 7; Ends December.  Course June 26, 2014 
Through My Window When you need a break from hard work ... Other June 26, 2014 
Linux Foundations MOOC Starts August 3rd Course June 26, 2014 
The Basics of Web Design MOOC Graduate school vocabulary, fast moving - but watch? Course June 26, 2014 
Code Academy HTML / CSS A 7-hour course Course June 26, 2014 
Stack Overflow Support Forum for Code Resource June 27, 2014 
Quick Coding Challenges Three starter tasks from Codecademy Course June 27, 2014 
Cacoo Online Wireframing Works with Email Sharing! Tool June 27, 2014 
Pixlr Graphic Editing Layers, just like Photoshop! Tool June 27, 2014 
Lucid Chart Diagrams Make flow charts to show how sites work. Tool June 27, 2014 
Intro to HTML Programming (Youtube) 90 minutes, found by Kasey Resource June 27, 2014 
In Praise of Python (dissing PHP) Read this. We have a Greenfield Python expert willing to help! Rant June 27, 2014 
Discussion Starter Explain this comic? Rant June 27, 2014 
Uninstall a Program from Linux Works with Linux Mint Resource June 27, 2014 
Linux 14.x Beginner's Class Taught by Chirs Yarger of Barre Open Systems Institute Course June 27, 2014 
Architecture vs. Navigation  When you think about site re-design, consider this! Resource June 27, 2014 
Tech Scouts Google Group Discussion Board for Tech Scouts Tool June 27, 2014 
W3Schools SQL Course SQL is the most common database for open source (e.g. Wordpress) Course July 7, 2014 
Generate an SSH Key (WIndows) For using PuttyGen.exe (part of Putty if you install it) Tool July 8, 2014 Quickly share an image (accompany IRC) Tool July 8, 2014 
Beginner's Guide to Wireframing Key Web Design Process Resource July 8, 2014 
Flat UI Kit For developing site themes from scratch Resource July 8, 2014 
Easy Web Crawler (no account) For a quick list of pages Tool July 8, 2014 
Wireless at ServiceNet Pick tay, pw taywireless Tool July 9, 2014 
How Wordpress Handles Non-Page Data Drupal works a lot better at this! Hmmm.... Resource July 9, 2014 
Tech Scouts Wiki Sharing information about our projects Resource July 10, 2014 
Tech Scouts Gitlab Sharing Project FIles Resource July 7, 2014 
HTML Reference Guide (W3 Schools) Bookmark This, Folks! Resource July 11, 2014 
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