2 Read Tech Scouts Email

If you would like a Tech Scouts email account, you can have a "forward" (which sends email to your other account) or a "mailbox" (which is a full email account). 

If you decide to have a mailbox, how will you make sure to check it regularly? Will you use Thunderbird or Gmail to get emails from both accounts at once?

If you get a mailbox, here's how you get your mail using a web client:

Go to http://mail.gamefacewebdesign.com
User: you@techscoutsma.org
PW:  whatever

And if you want to use Thunderbird (http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/)  to manage multiple accounts (recommended), you have an IMAP account (not POP!). Use manual configuration mode: the server (out and in) is mail.gamefacewebdesign.com and the user is you@techscoutsma.org.