0 Daily Procedures

  1. See who else is out there.
  2. Say Hello!
  3. Mutual Aid
2.Task Identification:
  1. Check your Tech Scouts email to orient yourself.
  2. .Check Project Tasks for what’s assigned to you.
3.Plan Your Time: 
  1. Check Project Docs for helpful information.
  2. Use the Sign In Form to say what you’ll be doing.
4.Do The Work:
  1. Take breaks (stand, stretch, etc] 30 min/1 hr?
  2. Watch your state!  Focused but relaxed. 
  3. Need to email something?  Our Google Group.
5.End Your Session:
  1. Journal your Reflections After Each Day
  2. Schedule your Weekly Meeting with Bram.
  3. Put the Meeting on your Calendar.