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Updated: September 28th-- go to the main host, this will remain up for old times sake

Reupdate January 7th... won't be updated the guide anymore as not enough interest has been emailed to techschoopnews at gmail dot com 

OMG: Someone had a really good idea for a REAL hack without inside access needed!

The main freebie host is back up! Since not enough people stepped up to help with it, I have abandoned my technews site, and turned it into a site to help people like you get free stuff online! It is the complete guide (in the works) of scam sites, good sites, tricks, videos, and more! For archival purposes, this googlepages site will stay up.

For all who are stuck with outside access to the vending machine, try these sites:

Tubular Lockpick Gun Idea

Tubular Lock Picks

Tubular Lock Picking (vending machines)

Or try jamming a bic pen or some other cylindrical object that molds easy (maybe stiff cardboard) into the lock. You get the idea :)