Welcome to the home page of my Technology Portfolio, my website where you can view my current and developing skills using technology to meet the ISTE NETS for Teachers 2008 Standards. Artifacts that demonstrate my competencies are linked from the ISTE NETS for Teachers navigation bar on your left.

Technology is constantly changing, and so is teaching. It is imperative that we continue to examine how we currently help students learn and what we need to do to transform learning. (This is where you would most likely insert part of your Personal Rationale for using Technology you have been working on throughout this course. Make this short and concise, as you don't want too much text on your home page.)

To find out more about me, select the About Me link to your left. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Contact Information:

Dr. Barbara Schroeder
email: bschroed@boisestate.edu
phone: 208-426-3831
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