Study Materials on Philippians

Studies in Philippians

1. Slaves of Christ Jesus & Saints in Christ Jesus

2. Thankfulness and Prayer

3. God Completing the Work of Salvation that He starts in every believer

4. Having the Right Priority in your Prayer Life

5. Rejoicing in the Preaching of the Gospel

6. Magnifying Christ in our Lives

7. The Christian Attitude to Life and Death

8. Conduct Worthy of Gospel of Christ

9. Motivations for Spiritual Unity and Marks of True Unity

10. Character that promotes Spiritual Unity

11. Humility in Action - 1 (Jesus Christ becomes Man and Bondservant)

12. Humility in Action - 2 (Jesus Christ becomes obedient to the point of death)

13. The Exaltation of Christ (The Father’s Response to the Son’s Humility and Obedience)

14. Believer's Responsibility - Working out our salvation with fear and trembling

15. God's Power in Salvation- Producing both the will and the act

16. Christian life in a Crooked and Perverse Generation - no complaining or arguing!

17.Model Spiritual servants - 1: Rejoicing in God's Work – because of the personal cost involved!

18. Model Spiritual servants -2: Serving faithfully and selflessly

19. Model Spiritual servants - 3: Counting their life not dear to them

A. Philippians Chapter 1 Summary

B. Philippians Chapter 2 Summary

20. Qualities of True Believers: Joy in the Lord, Discernment, Worship in Spirit, Glorying in Jesus, No Confidence in Flesh

21. Giving up all things to gain Christ

22.Finding the righteousness of God – through faith in Christ

23. Knowing Christ & Living Christ

24. Leaving what is behind and striving for what lies ahead

25. Progressing in Spiritual Maturity and Imitating Christ-like People

26. Walking not as Enemies of the Cross but with a view of Heavenly Citizenship

27. Harmonious Relationships in a Fellowship/Church/Meeting

28. Rejoicing and trusting in God

29. Thinking Rightly and Putting into Practice

30. Being content in all circumstances – in want or in plenty

31. Giving and Receiving by Saints for the Kingdom of God

32. Philippians Chapter 3 Summary

33. Philippians Chapter 4 Summary ( Latest )

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