IT Decision Makers Lists

With technology growth rapidly shrinking the world, the need for IT services is on the rise in almost every sector imaginable. Researchers and market analysts report a strong upswing in IT growth across the world including recession-hit regions like Europe and North America.

Highly Targeted IT Executive Lists

A little planning and market research can go a long way towards boosting your overall sales and conversions. When you opt to work with eSalesData, you gain access to IT Decision Makers Lists and IT Executives Lists that target over 150,000key information technology executives, vastly improving the reach and turnover of any campaign directed towards this industry.

Our  IT executives mailing list feature complete business information including,

  • Company Name
  • Corporate Website
  • Contact Name
  • Title Mailing
  • Postal Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Sales Revenues

and it can be custom segmented according to your product and sales strategy, to provide you with the maximum number of opt-in sales leads and high response rates.

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Our IT executives list offer you unparalleled deliverability and dramatically increased conversions. And that’s not all – at eSalesData, research teams are constantly conducting intensive market research and experimentation. Let our specialists analyze your campaign and they will probe our databases to put together the perfect list for you, guaranteeing you high-quality leads and enduring results.

In addition to C-level and V-level data, our IT lists contain information on,

  1. Software Development Providers
  2. Operational Support Providers
  3. Security Service Providers
  4. Project Managers
  5. Software Architects
  6. Network Engineers

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