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Teach in Beta: Treat each lesson like an experiment

from John Spencer on YouTube
"The release of iMovie software by Apple in 2001, heralded the start of the desktop video revolution. For the first time, here was video editing software which was powerful, easy to use and came free with every new Apple computer. It meant that what was once the preserve of expensive high-end editing suites, became available to ordinary people who had an interest in film and video. Educationalists too saw the potential and began to use iMovie in schools and colleges as a vehicle for learning. Its simple and intuitive interface meant that within minutes, most people could get a grasp on the basic techniques involved in editing video footage". (Wilson, n.d.) . 

Teaching ideas & examples

YouTube: Education Channel
YouTube: Channel - engagingedu's
YouTube: Channel - RichardCollisMedia

Examples of student video products

Finding educational videos

Finding Videos

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Video creation & editing

Online sharing

Offline technologies
You can also use PowerPoint to create a video and share it online. There is a number of different ways to turn your PowerPoint presentation into an online video. Please see details on the Presentations page.

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