APA style referencing

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"Referencing is a consistent method of acknowledging another person's ideas, which you have used, in your own essay or assignment" (Murdoch University, 2016, ¶1).

Important reasons for referencing include to:


Citing others work

Four common citation methods include: 1) summarising, 2) paraphrasing [download Tip sheet], 3) quoting [download Tip sheet] and 4) citing a whole document (Murdoch University, 2016). 
Two common systems of referencing used in academia are: 1) Author-Date citations and 2) Notational (numerical) citations (Murdoch University, 2016).  The most common style used in the field of education is the Author-Date citation using APA style format.

APA style referencing guides

APA's style rules and guidelines are set out in a reference book called The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 2012). Many universities provide a comprehensive range of online materials to assist staff and students to correctly reference others work.

Guides and tutorials

Endnote software

EndNote is a commercial reference management software package, used to manage bibliographies and references  when  writing essays and articles (Wikipedia, 2016). 

There are two distinct functions involved in using EndNote:  1) Entering or importing information into your EndNote database and 2) adding citations to your Word document.

Endnote student resource

Murdoch University centrally funds a campus-wide site licence agreement for the EndNote software for PC and Macintosh platforms for staff and students. Note: Use your Murdoch ID number and password to download the software.