Authentic learning

A matrix of authentic learning [3:26 minute video]

Authentic learning is a pedagogical model based on situated learning theories, which are founded on a constructivist philosophy of learning. It is a process involving the dynamic interactions between the learner, the task and the environment. The role of the educator is that of a facilitator of learning, rather than an instructional teacher.

When an authentic learning model is applied to an online environment it is referred to as authentic e-learning.
"While there are multiple learning design models that share similar foundations, authentic e-learning tasks go beyond process to become complex, sustained activities that draw on realistic situations to produce important higher-order outcomes" (Herrington, Reeves & Oliver, 2010, ¶1).

Models and characteristics of authentic learning

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Authentic tasks

Authentic tasks that encourage and support student engagement and immersion in a cognitive real environment can facilitate self-directed and independent learning (Herrington, 2006), encourage confidence, and cultivate 'portable skills' such as judgement, patience, synthetic ability and flexibility that most learners have difficulty in grasping (Lombardi, 2007).
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