Create A Google Site

Google Sites is an easy way for teachers to make information accessible to parents and students who need quick, up-to-date information. Teachers can collaborate on a Site to build department or grade level web sites. 
All you need to do is go to and create a "Google Account".

Follow the steps on the powerpoint presentation to help set up your site and get started.
Interactive Tutorials
Signing UP for Google Site_custom.swf lesson #1 Creating Your Account
Google Site lesson 2_assessment.swf lesson # 2 - Changing you site's appearance 
google site lesson 3_custom.swf

lesson # 3 Editing your Page 

google site lesson 4_custom.swf

Lesson #4 Adding Pages  

google site lesson 5_custom.swf

lesson # 5 - Adding Links  

Lesson 6 Editing Side Bar_custom.swf

Lesson # 6 editing the side bar 

Lesson 7 creating a form-survey_custom.swf

Lesson # 7 Creating a Form-Survey 


Sites to Find animated Gifs:
Signing UP for Google Site_custom.docx lesson # 1 handout
Google Site lesson 2.docx Lesson # 2 Handout
google site lesson 3_custom.docx Lesson #3 Handout
google site lesson 4_custom.docx Lesson # 4 Handout
google site lesson 5_custom.docx Lesson # 5 Handout
Lesson 6 Editing Side Bar handout.docx Lesson #6 Handout 
Robin Bayles,
Sep 18, 2008, 10:57 PM