A Little Bit of Everything:
  • Ology: The American Museum of Natural History - a collection of resources, information, and interactive and hands on activities and experiments.  Topics range from anthropology, archeology, and astronomy to biodiversity, the brain, climate change, water, and zoology.
Animals / Plants / Biomes
  • "Dinosaurs for Kids" has pictures, an interactive map, timelines and descriptions of dinosaurs.  Includes descriptions of dinosaurs not commonly known.
  • Zoom Dinosaurs: Enchanted Learning's dinosaur site is filled with facts about dinosaurs, their habitats, their differences and their fossils
  • Gravity Launch: Launch rockets into space.  Students adjust thrust and angle to see how changing the settings changes the rocket's direction.
  • Messenger Mission: Prepare a craft for a mission to Mercury!  Keep in mind the goals of the mission and your budget.