About the Series

“Technology in Pedagogy” is not just about staying up to date on the latest technology tools, but more importantly it is about understanding how to successfully incorporate the available tools into our teaching to make it more effective and engaging.

This series highlights the effective use of technology for teaching and learning and will bring together NUS teaching staff for informal chats about innovative teaching methods to improve student learning with the use of technology. This will also enable instructors to explore possibilities and how the tools can be applied in the respective disciplines or fields.

These sessions were launched by Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL) in March 2011 and aims to bring together NUS staff for informal chats about innovative and cutting-edge technologies that we hope can assist in teaching and learning. Each session will feature a speaker who will share a technology that he/she uses in his/her teaching followed by Q&A and discussions.

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Please write to us, if you are interested in sharing your experience with using technology in these sessions.
Kiruthika Ragupathi