Module 3 - Wheel & Axle

          Lesson Plan






Instructional Practice Adopted


Term & Learning Cycle

Term - 1

 Wheel & Axle Worksheet


Subject & Title

Technology Exploration



Grade, Cluster, Campus

Grade- 9

 Lab activity



From 9-10-2010 to 20-10-2010




Module 3- Wheel and Axle

 Online examples on Wheel & Axle


Approximate time

6 periods-45 minutes/period.









Indicate the warm-up activity that you plan to use in your lesson.

Using the website, students will identify different wheel and axle  


Lesson Objectives


List the lesson objectives that the students will master at the end of the lesson.

After the completion of this module, the students must be able to:-

1.   Identify wheel and axle.

2.   Recognize some applications of wheel and axle.

3.   Calculate the mechanical advantage of wheel and axle.

Give real life examples of the different wheels and axles used in daily life.





List the materials and resources required for this lesson.


 Online Activities

 Smart board


 Module material









Indicate how you will you evoke prior learning?

Asking about simple Machines, covered in Module 1 and Module 2, and the uses of wheel and axle as a simple machine.








Instructional Procedure


Obj. No.

Teacher’s role

Student’s role


Provide a clear picture of the instructional method/steps.

-       Showing different pictures of wheel and axle

-       Different classes of Levers

-       A wheel and axle used as a simple machine in different ways

-       Calculate the Mechanical advantage of wheel and axle

Describe the sequence of student activities and explain how students will be involved in the learning process.

Explaining wheel and axle

Listening to the explanation and participating in discussion

Watching a video about different kinds of wheel and axle

Questions and Answers

Worksheet on Wheel and Axle.

Calculating the MA of wheel and axle with different sizes.











How will you measure student outcomes? Indicate the formative/summative assessments for this lesson.

Evaluate their participation through question and answers. Solving the worksheets showing different wheel and axle. Students have to calculate M.A. of different wheels and axles shown in the work sheet. Solving the cross word puzzles on wheel and axle.




Indicate the homework/assignment you plan to provide to students?

Homework on calculating the Mechanical advantage of wheel and axles



Participation Criteria


Indicate how you plan to assess student participation.

Verbal questions and answers. Assembling wheel and axle from the legos parts


Lesson Closure


Mention how you plan to end your lesson.

A brief description about the next Module, to be covered, in the following Lesson.