Designing a web based learning environment using Scenario Based Design (SBD).

Creating a pedagogically sound Web Based Learning Environment (WBLE) requires planning and preparation.

In this section I will introduce one methodology called Scenario Based Design that you can use to help you achieve this.

What is it?

Scenario Based Design (SBD) is a design methodology that encourages you to create a WBLE based on how you want your students to be able to interact with the learning resources and activities you provide on it.

Typically I use this technique when working with educators who are in the process of creating modules and courses on Moodle, however the methodology can be used on any VLE or any other tool or system that allows you to create online learning content.

There are five basic steps that you need to undertake when engaging in Scenario Based Design, you can scroll down this page or click on one of the links below to learn more: