Socialising Technology Among Seniors in Asia

A Workshop at the Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2011 Conference in Hangzhou, China, 19-23 March 2011

Key Dates

  • [New!] Sunday, 2 January 2011: Deadline for ANY item from points 1-3 below
  • [New!Tuesday, 4 January 2011: Notification of acceptance
  • 19 March 2011: ‘Socialising Technology Among Seniors in Asia’ Workshop
  • 19-23 March 2011: Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2011 Conference, Hangzhou, China
In the design and development of technologies, many designers still appear to be engaged in the pursuit of self-evident technologies whose role in everyday life can be grasped at first sight (Suchman, ‘Plans and Situated Actions’).

The history of successful technological use reveals, that in many cases, a process of ‘socialisation’ is behind the incorporation of technologies in the performance of daily routine. This process is fuelled by more than technical acumens or digital literacy; it is also facilitated and sustained by the concerted efforts of various social structures like governments, institutions, the media, family units, and peers.

Although technological research involving seniors is not new, there is still a lack of use and adoption amongst the seniors. The issue is further confounded by a scarcity of discourse and research seeking in-depth understanding on why this is so. This is particularly problematic among some countries in the region like Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore whose ageing populations are among the fastest growing in the world. The purpose of this workshop is thus to explore ways to foster the conditions that facilitate the socialisation of ICTs among elderly people in Asia to: (i) realise the frequently touted positive impact of digital technology in the process of ageing itself; and (ii) ameliorate the negative impact commonly associated with a greying society in the region.

To this end, we want to invite researchers and practitioners from the design, engineering, social, and scientific disciplines to submit work that deals with the design, use, and issues of technology amongst seniors in Asia. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • In-depth case studies on the socialisation of various technologies and the mediating roles of cultural values, family units, societal support, social life, or supporting institutions.
  • Technological developments aimed at addressing social, cognitive, and physical functions associated with the process of ageing
  • Seniors and the dualistic role of technology in their work and social lives. 
  • Studies on the role of social structures (e.g., governments, institutions, the media, family, peers, etc.) in shaping the experience of old age in Asia.
  • User studies of the use of technology (ICTs, robots, telepresence, ehealth, virtual and augmented reality, etc.) and/or traditional media (TV, radio, telephone, newspapers, magazines, etc.) among seniors in Asia
  • Exploration of research approaches and methods concerning seniors in Asia.

Selected papers will also be considered for an edited book or special issue in a journal.

Submission Instructions & Workshop Format

The gauge interest and participation in the workshop and plan accordingly, you can send us ANY of the following:
  1. A position paper in the CHI/CSCW Extended Abstracts format (max 4 pages)
  2. A poster draft in PDF format (Tabloid size 11 x 17 inches) with a visual explanation of the content and utility of your position paper to the aims of the workshop. Posters drafts should NOT exceed 5 MB when sent as attachments. Posters will be used during the workshop in place of a traditional PowerPoint presentation to facilitate and encourage networking and interaction among workshop attendants. The final poster should not exceed 4x4 feet (120x120 cm) portrait style.
  3. A simple paper abstract, paper outline, or statement of interest in the workshop.
All submissions must include:
  • Titles, names, affiliations, and email address of the authors.
  • Short biography including authors’ backgrounds and areas of expertise. To be included in the workshop’s website if participation is accepted.

ANY item from points 1-3 should be sent to: jose[dot]rojasr[at]gmail[dot]com indicating in the Subject: ‘Socialising Technology Among Seniors in Asia Workshop Submission’

(Note: Bear in mind, however, that points 1 and 2 both will have to be produced if your work is selected for presentation in the workshop)


Jose Rojas
PhD Candidate
University of Glasgow

Yin-Leng Theng
Associate Professor
Nanyang Technological University

Natalie Pang
Assistant Professor
Nanyang Technological University

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