Capzles is a free creative online tool to create digital stories or timelines. Teachers can use this to visually organize information or students can use it to create projects. For more information, check out Capzles at this website:

 Utilizing Capzles as an Educational Resource

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TE Recommend Age Rating: 10+

Capzle's slogan is “time. captured” and this platform does just that. Through the use of fun videos portraying medieval history, the 2016 Olympics, and everything in between, Capzle is a fantastic tool for teachers to get their students engaged with study material. It is extremely easy to use and only requires a computer (teacher) and internet. Capzles allows its users to early share their projects with a link or to embed links into websites, emails, Facebook, etc. Users can combine photos, videos, blog content, music, and more while adding in titles and text. Capzles is essential a re-mix tool for students to develop, create, and learn. Funding for Capzles Classroom is currently in the works. To create a fun, innovative, and engaging classroom, check out Capzle's today!

Overall, the TE team gives Kahoot (5-stars)
               Lesson Planning and Capzles 

Capzles can be easily incorporated into a number of different classrooms. Capzles is great to incorporate in lecture/activity based instruction or collaborative-based instruction. Students need to simply have a technological device such as an iPad or computer. Students can create in-class projects and presentations or work on projects at home. For more information on utilizing Creaza within your classroom or embed it into an assignment, refer to the YouTube video below! Also, here is a resource for lesson planning:

Tutorial on Using Capzles