How do you register in McAfee Identity Theft Protection?

Help Protect Your Identity 

– Use LifeLock Identity Protection 

You've earned the existence you've constructed. Each late night, early morning, penance, and accomplishment has made you your identity. While you have the right to make an amazing most, personality cheats might attempt take your character. As a wholesale fraud security organization, LifeLock utilizes restrictive innovation to check a huge number of information indicates a second for dangers your personality. On the off chance that your personality is undermined, you're secured with access to a U.S. based group of personality rebuilding specialists that will work with you to determine the issue. 

LifeLock, a pioneer in personality security, has formally moved toward becoming piece of Symantec, a worldwide innovator in cybersecurity and parent organization of Norton. 
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How LifeLock attempts to help shield you from data fraud? 

Recognize and ALERT 

LifeLock can recognize a wide scope of dangers and will alarm you by phone††, email and content of the suspicious activity.† 


In the event that you turn into a casualty of data fraud while a LifeLock part, a devoted U.S.- based Identity Restoration Specialist will work with you through and through to help fix the issue. 


LifeLock will repay reserves stolen because of fraud up to the furthest reaches of your plan.‡ 

LifeLock Plans 

Things being what they are, what amount is LifeLock? The table beneath thinks about LifeLock data fraud assurance plans and costs: 


Pursue the means underneath to figure out how to: 

Enlist with McAfee Identity Theft Protection 

Sign in to your Identity Protection account 

Arrange your inclinations 

NOTE: McAfee Identity Theft Protection is accessible in the US as it were. 

You can buy McAfee Identity Theft Protection as an independent item in Standard, Plus, or Premium adaptations. Or then again you may as of now buy in to a McAfee item which makes you qualified for a free Identity Theft Protection Essentials membership. 

You are qualified to a free Essentials membership if: