How to Make A USB Xbox controller

Here's a tutorial on how to make an Xbox controller with USB capabilities.

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1. Gather Materials

You can find these items at your local Radioshack or other electronics store.

- Xbox controller

- USB extender cable



- Soldering Iron and solder



- Electrical tape or shrink-wrap

- Scissors

- Wire Strippers (Not necessary, but very helpful)

2. Cut off Male end of the USB extender.

For you n0obs out there, it's the end you put INTO the USB port.

(Credit goes to for this pic) 

3. Strip all of the wires.

4. Crack open the Xbox plug dongle. (See pic)

4. Solder the matching colored wires.

    You might have to peel some of the heatshrink back to     see the color of the wires.  Match and solder the wires     with the same color, leaving out the yellow Xbox wire.

If your soldering skills are not the best, check out this mod. It cuts off the Xbox plug, which means you cannot play it with Xbox anymore, only the computer.

If you wish to still play Xbox and have USB compatiblilty, you can just splice each wire. (Like I did)  To do this, you must match up all of the corresponding wires (3 each), but still remeber to solder the yellow wires back together (only 2).

 5. Get driver from here or here so that your controller will work with your computer. 

6. Relish playing N64 roms on your computer with an Xbox controller!

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