ASSIGNMENT:  Write a set of instructions on how to use a computer or other application of 500-600 words (see below).  At least two screen captures or images must be incorporated into your text (you may add more if necessary).  Please provide APA citations in a reference list documenting the screen captures you use. If you like, you can also include illustrations you create yourself in power point, cad, paint, with a digital camera etc. The use of text boxes and arrows may be necessary as well to label various components within an illustration. 

As usual, write in the clear and concise style characteristic of good technical writing and in a language and tone appropriate to your audience and purpose.

TOPICS: You should pick something you are interested in in school, job, etc. you might illustrate how to complete a computer based application – choose something that most students in our course probably don’t know how to do such as:


  1. Step-by-step instructions with visuals on anything related to school or career
  2. Manipulating visuals in word
  3. Creating diagrams/charts in word
  4. Searching LCC’s online library databases.
  5. Registering for classes at LCC.
  6. Using other applications in word such as tables, inserting pictures, changing page lay-outs, how to rename files, how to create folders and file things in word, how to cut-and-paste text, etc.
  7. How to create an APA citation from a webpage that you locate on the web.
  8. How to make a pdf file using free software.
  9. Creating a power point with visuals.
  10. Using various ANGEL applications – posting to the discussion board, uploading to a drop  box, finding your grade, etc.
  11. Entering your preferred email in starport.
  12. How to publish to the web using free web services, etc.
  13. Using any other software-pick something students might want to know how to do.
  14. Be sure to provide step-by-step instructions.


Some important notes about this assignment—please read carefully:


Ø      You need to describe a procedure that you are familiar with.  Again, I want you to look into your experience as a student or current job for ideas.  Look for material that is actually needed so the document has a practical purpose.  What I do not want is for you to prepare instructions for an activity that has been well documented. In the end, you should be able to cover the “how to” in such a way that your reader (a non-technical person) will be able to carry out the steps in a systematic way (pages 539-545).


Ø      Readability: Steps should be written in logical order using active voice.  This process should allow the user the ability to complete each step after reading it one time.


ü      Use headings as appropriate & in LOGICAL ORDER.

ü      Use bold, italics, font sizes as appropriate and in a consistent manner.

ü      Be generous with margins & allow white space for visuals.


These instructions can be used to help in your current job or in an anticipated job.  Keep in mind that this assignment could be a sample of creating what you can do and could be used in a job portfolio in the future.


FORMAT:  Use the format shown on the samples in ANGEL. You can use a memo format if you like.


Your memo should have the following elements:


Ø      Introduction/overview.


Ø      Theory or principles of operation—how does it work?


Ø      List of equipment and materials needed


Ø      Necessary prior knowledge and/or skills of the user


Ø      Major steps


Ø      Hazard notices (preview here—actual notices are in the appropriate step with symbol)


v      Caution—prevent possible mistakes

v      Warning—alert user to potential hazard


Ø      Required steps (body of memo)--how-to instructions—in logical order

v      use numbered steps--one instruction each with at the most two or three closely related instructions

v      use familiar, direct language and avoid jargon

v      be accurate

v      NOTE:  use visuals as appropriate—must have at least one

v      NOTE:  use hazard notices in steps where indicated

v      Tips and troubleshooting procedures


Ø      Glossary (definitions and terms)


Ø      Conclusion—close your memo