These are selected articles from Dr. Vinay Dabholkar's blog related to technical leadership development in organizational context. It is an area I have been studying and working in for the past 8 years. I can be reached at vinay at catalign dot com. You can find the services I offer here.

We are building a Technical Leadership FAQ. You can contribute by adding a question and/or responding to some of the existing questions. We value your contribution. 

Note: I will be facilitating a 2-day open program "Tech Reach: Striving towards technical leadership" on 12-13th April, 2012 at Hotel Grand Mercure in Bangalore. Objective of the program is to assist technical experts (7+ yrs exp) move towards technical leadership by assessing and enhancing their sphere of influence.

List of articles on technical leadership



What is technical leadership?

·        What is technical leadership?

·        Technical leadership ecosystem

·        3Is of technical leadership

·     4-types of technical leaders: a structural view

        ·     4-types of technical leaders: a functional view

        ·     Two excellent articles on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Challenges in developing technical leadership

·        Top 5 challenges of budding technical leaders

·        Rs. 15 Lakh salary dilemma

·        Tech-ladder under Infy radar: challenge is to manage demand side equation

·        Top challenges in developing technical leadership

·        Two faces of MUTVC-syndrome (Moving Up The Value Chain)



·        Creating meaningful technical leadership roles

·        Will you hire a BCom architect?

·      Making technical career path work

·      Prototyping new roles: Story of Malaysian Airlines

      ·      How many technical specialists do you need?

      ·      3M's "Technical Forum" (check section on "Celebrating the heroes"


·        Role of deliberate practice in making of star performer

·        Deliberate practice and seeing more with less

·        Winning the boxing game: Art of personal branding

·        Prototyping: a foundational competency for every innovator

·      What is your personal brand?

·      The marvels and the flaws of expert intuition: story of Ramanujan's first letter to Hardy

Role models & interviews

·        Bill Gates, the technical leader

·        I woz really impressed by iWoz (on Steve Wozniak)

·     Microsoft Technical Fellows: Big brains behind Microsoft next-gen products and strategies

·    Innovation in Indian Railways: story of how Jaruhar enabled wagons to become heavier

·        Interview: Ashim Prasad, Principal Systems Engineer, Aricent

·        Interview: Yuvaraj Athur Raghuvir, Chief Test Architect, SAP Labs (and part-2)

·        Interview: Ayonam Ray, Technical Architect, Poseidon Design Systems

·        Interview with Dr. G. N. Shrinivas on Solution Architecture role, ITAC certification and future of Technical Career Path (TCP)