Resolve Yahoo email account suspended issues

Last night your Yahoo email account was working fine but when you tried to open it in the morning, you find account gets suspended. Different activities on Yahoo email account are performed on a daily basis but when the popular email client got suspended, you become helpless. And when you found that your account gets hacked, you need to work on this and implement the appropriate solution for resolving the issue of a suspended account.

This is the most common issue which every Yahoo mail users have been confronting or already come across.  

Here are the consequences if your Yahoo email account gets suspended.


You won’t be able to access your Yahoo mail account and do other required work associated with it.

Before working on fixing your Yahoo account, let’s check what can be the signs at the time of account suspension.

Indications showing your Yahoo email account get suspended:

·       You will find that your mail server is not able to respond because of overloading.

·       Somebody tries to do phishing activities or has accessed email account from an unknown place.

·       Hacker of an account tries to perform spam activities.

·       You will see scammer activities in your Yahoo mail account.

·       Due to the mail attachments, you will receive virus and malware in your mail account.


Let’s move ahead with the solution.

If you want

Ways to get back your suspended Yahoo account:

·       Initially, you need to go to its official website and then try to sign-in via browsing a new window.

·       Just attempt to login in along with the essential information of the suspended account and then you can enter the submit button.

·       You have to check your email address via entering the email account address.

·       After verifying the address, you have to enter the security code for making your PC recognize that you are a human.

·       The next step says to enter on the ‘reactivate’ button.

If needed then  Get instant help from Yahoo email customer support live chat available for 24/7 .

You can get your account back into an original state after applying these steps.

 Note: The procedure for reactivating the suspended account takes 24 to 48 hours, so it is recommended to wait for some time.

 Apart from this, if your email account is suspended because of the malicious behavior performed via the hacker, then these steps may not work. And you have to contact the professional of Yahoo for the same.