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different command line options?

Following is a description of each command line option.

-addins list of add- ins to load

instructs WinRunner to load the specified add- ins. In the list, the add- ins are separated by commas. (Formerly -addons. )

-addins_ select_ timeout timeout

instructs WinRunner to wait the specified time (in seconds) before closing the

Add- In Manager dialog box when starting WinRunner. When the timeout

iszero,the dialog box is not displayed.This can be used in conjunction with

the -addins command line option.(Formerly -addons_ select_ timeout. )


Instructs WinRunner to execute and run the loaded test, while the execution arrow displays the line of the test being run.

-auto_ load {on | off}

Activates or deactivates automatic loading of the temporary GUI map file.

(Default = on )

-auto_ load_ dir path

Determines the folder in which the temporary GUI map file (temp. gui) resides.This option is applicable only when auto load is on.(Default = M_ Home\ dat )

-batch {on | off}

Runs the loaded test in Batch mode.(Default = off )

-beep {on | off}

Activates or deactivates the WinRunner system beep.(Default = on )

-create_ text_ report {on | off}

Instructs WinRunner to write test results to a text report, report. txt, which is saved in the results folder.(Default = off )

-cs_ fail {on | off}

Determines whether WinRunner fails a test when Context Sensitive errors occur.(Default = off )

-cs_ run_ delay non- negative integer

Sets the time (in milliseconds) that WinRunner waits between executing Context Sensitive statements when running a test.(Default = 0 [milliseconds])

-delay_ msec non- negative integer

Directs WinRunner to determine whether a window or object is stable before capturing it for a bitmap checkpoint or synchronization point. (Formerly -delay .)(Formerly - delay , which was measured in seconds.)(Default = 1000 [milliseconds])

-dont_ connect

If the “Reconnect on startup” option is selected in the Connection to Test Director dialog box, this command line enables you to open WinRunner without connecting to Test Director.

-dont_ quit

Instructs WinRunner not to close after completing the test.

-dont_ show_ welcome

Instructs WinRunner not to display the Welcome window when starting WinRunner.

-exp expected results folder name

Designates a name for the subfolder in which expected results are stored. In a verification run, specifies the set of expected results used as the basis for the verification comparison.(Default = exp )

-fast_ replay {on | off}

Sets the speed of the test run. on sets tests to run as fast as possible and off sets tests to run at the speed at which they were recorded.(Default = on )

-f file name

Specifies a text file containing command line options. The options can appear on the same line, or each on a separate line.

-fontgrp group name

Specifies the active font group when WinRunner is started.

-ini initialization test name

Defines the wrun. ini file that is used when WinRunner is started. This file is read-only, unless the -update_ ini command line option is also used.

-min_ diff non- negative integer

Defines the number of pixels that constitute the threshold for an image mismatch.(Default = 0 [pixels])

-mismatch_ break {on | off}

Activates or deactivates Break when Verification Fails before a verification run.The functionality of Break when Verification Fails is different than when running a test interactively. (Default = off )

-rec_ item_ name {0 | 1}

Determines whether WinRunner records non- unique ListBox and ComboBox items by name or by index.(Default = 0 )


Instructs WinRunner to run the loaded test. To load a test into the WinRunner window, use the -t command line option.

-run_ minimized

Instructs WinRunner to open minimized. Note that specifying this option does Not itself run tests: use the -t command line option to load a test and the -run

command line option to run the loaded test.

-search_ path path

Defines the directories to be searched for tests to be opened and/ or called. The search path is given as a string.(Default=startup folder and installation folder\ lib )

-single_ prop_ check_ fail {0 | 1}

Fails a test run when _check_ info statements fail. It also writes an event toThe Test Results window for these statements.You can use this option with the setvar and getvar functions.(Default = 1)

-speed {normal | fast}

Sets the speed for the execution of the loaded test.(Default = fast )

-t test name

Specifies the name of the test to be loaded in the WinRunner window. This can be the name of a test stored in a folder specified in the search path or the full pathname of any test stored in your system.

-td_ connection {on | off}

Activates or deactivates WinRunner’s connection to TestDirector.

(Default = off ),(Formerly -test_ director. )

-td_ cycle_ name cycle name

Specifies the name of the current test cycle. This option is applicable only when WinRunner is connected to TestDirector.(Formerly -cycle. )

-td_ database_ name database path

Specifies the active TestDirector database. WinRunner can open, execute, and save tests in this database.(Formerly - database. )

-td_ log_ dirname event log file path

Defines the full pathname for an event log file. Note that this file is not a

TestDirector file.(Formerly -td_ logname_ dir. )

-td_ password password

Specifies the password for connecting to a database in a TestDirector server.

-td_ server_ name server name

Specifies the name of the TestDirector server to which WinRunner connects. (Formerly -td_ server. )

-td_ user_ name user name

Specifies the name of the user who is currently executing a test cycle.

(Formerly -user_ name or user. )

-timeout_ msec non- negative integer

Sets the global timeout (in milliseconds) used by WinRunner when executing checkpoints and Context Sensitive statements. (Formerly timeout, which was measured in seconds.) (Default = 1000 [milliseconds]) (Formerly -timeout .)

-tslinit_ exp expected results folder

Directs WinRunner to the expected folder to be used when the tslinit script is running.

-update_ ini

Saves changes to configuration made during a WinRunner session when thewrun. ini file is specified by the -ini command line option.

-verify verification results folder name

Specifies that the test is to be run in Verify mode and designates the name of the subfolder in which the test results are stored