1. Definition
             A website is a collection of hyperlinked Web pages and put them online at a web address. It is also said Internet site by metonymy, the World Wide Web based on the Internet. In 2006, the website has exceeded 100 000 000 websites
2. Creation
            Each has a website owner: business, government, association, particularly so. The owner chooses the web address to which the site is accessible. The creation of a website can be entrusted to an agency website. The online can be entrusted to a web hosting company, which has many computers, servers, continuously connected to the Internet.
3. Page Structure
A website is a collection of pages that can be found by following links within the site. The web address of a site is in the URL of a Web page, scheduled to be the first accessed the homepage. The consultation pages of a site called a "visit" because the links are expected to read all the pages on the site without leave (without having to consult a web page off-site). A visit can start with any page, especially when the URL is given by a search engine. Technically, nothing distinguishes the home page to another page.

4. Number
The number of websites is increasing steadily and fast:

Year Number
1995 19 000
1997 1 000 000
2000 10 000 000
2004 57 000 000
2005 74 000 000
2006 101 000 000

   A web page is a resource on the World Wide Web designed to be viewed by visitors with a web browser.
   A hyperlink or link or simply link is a reference in a hypertext system to automatically switch a consultation document to a document bound.
   Web addresses are one of three inventions at the base of the World Wide Web, according to its inventors, the most fundamental. The general public knows in the form of labels a dozen characters, often beginning with "www" and that identify a web page, for example The address is technically correct in fact begin with a protocol name, for example, it gives Web addresses are the basis of hyperlinks on the Web.
   The World Wide Web, literally the "canvas (Spider) worldwide", commonly known as the Web, sometimes the Web or WWW is a hypertext system operating on public Internet and to consult with a browser, pages released online sites. The image of the painting has links that bind the web pages between them.
   Internet is the global computer network that makes available to the public services such as electronic mail and World Wide Web. Its users are designated by the word "visitor". Technically, the Internet is defined as the global public network using the communication protocol IP (Internet Protocol)
   An agency Web is a company that can manage an Internet project from A to Z.
   A host Internet (or Web hosting) is designed to provide Internet websites operated by third parties.
   A URL, English Uniform Resource Locator, literally "uniform resource locator" is a string (encoded in ASCII, so using the English alphabet, which means no accent as "E" or "I") used to extend the resources of the World Wide Web: HTML document, image, sound, Usenet forum, electronic mailboxes, etc.. It is informally called a web address. The use of female or male to the acronym URL (or a URL?) Seems rather floating.
   The homepage (or entrance page, home page in English) is the main page of a website, it is distinguished from other pages on the site by the fact that it is supposed to represent, the Internet visitor The site on which it is so clear and strong.