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ActiveX Directory Control - This article demonstrates use of stock property pages in an ActiveX control. The system provides three stock property pages that ActiveX controls can use: a color page for color properties, a picture page for picture properties and a font page for font properties.More details..

Creating File List Control - Like the standard 'File' dialog that lists files of the specified types we wish to create a control that would list files of the specified type present in the specified directory. As against the standard 'File' dialog this control can be embedded into a dialog or a form. Steps Involved: We have used the 'MFC ActiveX Control Wizard' to develop the directory control.More Details...

           Client  For Using Directory  And File List  ActiveX control This program uses two ActiveX controls: a 'Dir' control and a 'Filelist' control. Creation of these controls has been discussed in the first two articles of the section 'ActiveX' in this same site. We have created the a dialog-based project called 'client' using MFC AppWizard. To use the ActiveX controls they have to be registered with the Windows registry.More details..

           Adding ToolTips On ActiveX Control By default, ActiveX controls do not support tooltips. This article demonstrates how to add tooltip to an ActiveX control. This control can be used to add tooltips to ActiveX controls that we develop. Steps Involved More details....

           C Programming - C was originally developed in the 1970’s by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. (now AT&T Bell Laboratories). In 1978, Brian Kernighan and Ritchie published a comprehensive description of the language C. The Kernighan and Ritchie description is commonly referred to as “K&R C”. Following the publication of the K & R description, computer professionals, impressed with C’s many desirable features, began to promote the use of the language. Since 1980’s, the popularity of C has become widespread. Most commercial implementations of C differ somewhat from Kernighan and Ritchie’s original definition.More Details......

Win32 Api - This tutorial is intended to present to you the basics (and common extras) of writing programs using the Win32 API. The language used is C, most C++ compilers will compile it as well. As a matter of fact, most of the information is applicable to any language that can access the API, inlcuding Java, Assembly and Visual Basic.More details....