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"Tech and Coffee, Bouncing Ideas Off The Wall Since 2011"

"A Virtual Water Cooler For The World of Tech"

Tech and Coffee #publichangouts is run by a bunch of tech savvy people. Below are a few examples of the topics we may discuss; but you will find that we often stray off topic and just shoot the sh!t.

  • Linux / Windows / Mac / UNIX

  • General Computing

  • Mobile Devices

  • Code / Hacking

  • Videography & Photography

  • Coffee

  • Sleeping

  • News and Current Events

  • Discussing the old glory days of G+

We are the original "and Coffee" hangout. There are a few clones out there - don't be fooled; make sure that one of our admins or hosts are in the room.

The room is generally hosted between the hours of 08:00 and 19:00 EST (GMT -5) on weekdays and occasionally you can find the room open on weekends.

** Note we seem to use Telegram for video and audio more than other listed platforms. [updated 12.21.2021]

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