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My Thanksgiving dinner in pictures, and why I no longer f*ck with blueberry cobbler.

When I was a kid, perhaps 10 years old, I had my first chance to sit at the adults table for Thanksgiving. 

It was the greatest.

I got to eat and eat and eat to my hearts content.

This is when I learned I really like stuffing.

And cobblers.

I pigged out so much that I suddenly felt like I had to use the bathroom that was attached to the dining room.

So I went, but didn't quite get the door shut before the problems started.
 I began throwing up. EVERYWHERE.
And the family sat in horror as I puked up a rainbow of colors and just all the farking food I could vomit.

I looked like a vomiting lawn sprinkler that was spraying blueberry tinted food e'rywhere.

And then I noticed my great uncle.
He did not look good at all.

And then, the shiat hit the fan, and carpet, and tables, and well, it kind of looked like this