Student Technology
Welcome to the assessment toolbox for Technology Leadership Class. This toolbox was created for the Assessment in E-Learning course offered by U-W Stout. 
For our midterm, groups created an Assessment Toolbox where we explored different tools that could be used for assessment. This is based on that project and will reflect what I have learned and experienced taking the Assessment in E-Learning course.

I am building this toolbox for a course called Technology Leadership. This middle school course is designed for students interested in gaining hands-on experience working on computers and other electronics. This class is open to eighth and ninth graders, who have already taken Library and Technology 7. Most of the students enrolled in this course are taking or have finished taking the programming courses available at the middle school. Technology Leadership runs for a semester and I will be focusing on the Computer Hardware Unit for this final project. The Computer Hardware Unit runs for approximately most of the semester. It concludes with building a computer from scratch for a teacher or organization.