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LearnOutLoud is a website that offers an extensive and eclectic collection of well cataloged audio and video that can be convieniently browsed. You can serch the site by author, title, or category. The main site is commercial, and titles are available to purchase by download or on a variety of physical media (CD, DVD, cassette). Online streaming and podcast subscription are other options that are available from LearnOutLoud.


Edu2.0! -- This comprehensive LMS allows anyone to set up and administer an online class positively LOADED with impressive features and functionality.


Education World-- An education resource that includes educational articles, lesson plans, tips and tricks, site reviews, etc.


Thinkfinity -- is the cornerstone of Verizon Foundation's Literacy, Education and Technology initiatives. Our goal is to improve student achievement in traditional classroom settings and beyond by providing high-quality content and extensive professional development training. This free, comprehensive digital learning platform is built upon the merger of two acclaimed programs Verizon MarcoPolo and the Thinkfinity Literacy Network. -- You absolutely MUST see this site, which is free of course, it allows you to do many cool things with your pictures, one of which is to import a photo into a scene from a museum and create a NEW image. It’s unbelievable. Imagine what your kids could do with this! You could create your own virtual museum tour!  You can also turn your photos into sketches, jigsaw puzzles, alter the colors, it’s just … amazing!


Letter Pop

-- This site features hundreds of cool layouts, neat image effects, and a simple user interface - anyone can do it! Who needs Microsoft Publisher?


National Atlas -- A rich, interactive collection of pre-prepared and customizable (user-defined!) maps, access to raw data, and more.

You can make your own maps using the Map Maker; explore maps featuring a dizzying array of data categories including agricultural, biological, climate, environmental, geological, historical and more; you can interact with a special set of dynamic maps that vividly bring to life many aspects of our country.


Number Nut -- A GIGANTIC collection of Flash applets devoted to math concepts that is ideal for fact review or class presentation via an interactive whiteboard:

The site is totally free, of course. Here’s what you get! Basic math activities including Shapes & Colors, Numbers & Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division; advanced math activities on Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Estimation & Rounding, Ratios, and Money.


Pic Resize -- A terrific, fast, free service that’s easy for anyone to use. Basically, you upload a photo, click a few buttons, and save it again. No messy signups, no advertising, just point, click and go!


Roy the Zebra -- It’s a terrific resource for early readers and IDEAL for use with an interactive whiteboard. Among the activities you can find on this site:  Interactive reading game, including: rhymes, high frequency words, singulars and plurals, long vowel phonemes, ABC order, and more.  Guided reading stories, including: literacy worksheets, before & after reading discussion sheets; and
Complete lesson plans.


ScrapBlog -- This is an amazing, cool, free (for now anyway) service that helps you create way cool digital scrapbooks. It’s super easy to use and the results are shareable in lots of ways. You get to create your own personal page of scrapblogs, and you can add "thought bubbles" and other cool effects very easily.

The implications of this tool are enormous, for teachers, this could be a killer app … for students, the ONE thing you need to keep in mind (as with many Web 2.0 tools) is that people browsing the site MAY encounter scrapbooks made by other people with innapropriate material.


StorylineOnline -- A production of the Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation and features book readings by many popular, current actors and actresses that today’s kids will recognize. The stories are presented in well-produced videos in full stereo with great visual effects. Each one also features a list of "related activities" and a downloadable, colorful "Activity Guide" with probing questions, discussion starters, story prompts, information about the story, the celebrity reader, and more.