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     Welcome to our online class space. Come ready to learn; to be surprised; to be inspired; to become more! Here on this website is collected the fruit of years of sweat, tears, and hard earned experience in academic computing. We've all struggled with the technology, trying to present all our hard work in the best, most modern, efficient, or dazzling way we know, only to come away frustrated, defeated, and generally let down with the lackluster results. Too little to show for too much work! We've all been there. 
This site can help. 
     The sole purpose of every technique, trick, shortcut, or illustration contained herein is to enable anybody to become that technologically proficient 21st century student they've always imagined! We will present concepts and concrete step by step instruction designed to wow, engage, and generally raise grades.
That is the purpose here! 

Help build a local database of handy, simple online tech tutorials by students in Kanawha County for students in Kanawha County at S.O.S. Helps Hookup.

 DRIVE Never lose your work again. Backup. Share. Collaborate. Google Drive.
How to find what you need & use what you find when doing internet research.
  Getting started with MS Excel. Learn basic data collection, entry, graphing, and analysis here. Or go a little deeper and take a first basic look at simple formulas and calculations here.
How to make MS Word work for you in the classroom.

Blog your heart out for free at Blogger.com! Get started here.
 SITES Build your own websites for your classes (no cost, no coding, no problem...must be Google Sites).
 EXCEL 8 Learn to capture and edit professional looking video tutorials for your classes here.
 POWERPOINT Make your PowerPoints pop with advanced funtionality.

  • Heard a lot about the Cloud? How to save, backup, share, create? Learn to do just that with Google Drive. Help is here.
  • Know anything at all about MS Excel? No? Some basic help is here!
  • Ever wonder what it would be like to talk "Tech-ish"; to really get computer "Geek-Speak"? Sound smart around technology. Help is here.
  • Ever have trouble finding  just the right information for a report online? Worry about plagiarism? Struggle finding all the information for your bibliography? Online research! Help is here!
  • Ever struggled putting together a good, attractively formatted research paper with a word processor? Wonder how to get all those page numbers, headers, pictures, or references formatted and looking like your professor would like? Help is here!
  • Ever thought about Blogging for fun or class credit? It's fast and it's free and help is here!
  • Ever thought about building your own website? Like to know how to do that quickly, attractively, and for free? Learn how to turn your assignments in as slick exciting looking Wikis instead of the same ol' tired black and white printed stacks of paper (& save a tree or two while you're at it!)! Help is here!
  • Ever thought about learning to edit professional looking video but then thought again? Heard it was hard? Heard it was expensive? Well it doesn't have to be either. Produce your own simple video tutorials for your classes. Shoot live or screen cast, help is here!
  • Ever wondered how to make a dazzling, engaging, entertaining PowerPoint for class that leaves jaws dropped and classmates (and professors) scratching their heads and wondering how you did it? Help is here!
  • Computer a little older? Can't follow these tutorials because your software just isn"t up to date? Videos suit you better? Click here and browse a sort of archive of some of my older content.