Tools for Student-Teacher Communication


This brilliant online mind-mapping tool allows groups to collaborate on planning and brainstorming ideas around a particular topic. Teachers and students can use it to keep in touch and collaborate on new projects inside and outside the classroom.

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2. Brainify

Aimed more at slightly older students, Brainify is a brilliant social-bookmarking site specifically designed for students and teachers. Use it to create dedicated lists of educational websites and share them with students – or to allow students to show you the sites they’ve been using. Great for creating different lists of resources to share quickly and simply with students working on different topics.

3. Dropbox

A fantastically simple way to share files, Dropbox means you can instantly send assignments and essays from anywhere in the world to a single common place where they can be accessed by students and teachers alike.

4. QuizSnack

This great tool is a quick, simple way to create polls and surveys and embed them in online blogs or articles. It’s a great way for students to communicate with teachers about feedback, preferred topics and other issues.

5. Twitter

Twitter is unlike almost any other online medium in its instantaneous, intense connectivity. Students and teachers can connect using school or class-specific hash-tags, or use it to tweet updates and information about school trips and expeditions.

6. Astrid

This simple-to-use, open-source to-do list allows peer groups and class teachers to share reminders, tasks and notifications – a great way for teachers to stay on top of student progress or for students to divide up different aspects of a communal task.

7. Edmodo

This safe and brilliantly simple platform designed specifically for student-teacher communication allows assignments to be set, grades to be tracked and homework to be submitted all online from anywhere. School notices can be communicated via the site too, making it the perfect tool for weekend or holiday student-teacher communication.

8. Screen Chomp

This great iPad app enables teachers to create learning content, combining audio and whiteboard-style visuals to create videos, which they can then upload for students to watch online. A great way for teachers and students to communicate and learn even outside the classroom.

9. Quizlet

A fantastic free learning tool, this site allows teachers to create online quizzes and flashcards on a range of content, which students can then use to help them study outside the classroom. Many of the pre-existing quizzes might also be useful for time-strapped teachers.

10. My Big Campus

An amazing resource, My Big Campus combines many of the tools provided by other communication platforms all in one place. From flipped classroom resources, document sharing and educational videos to discussion boards, video chats and blogs, it’s a power-house of potential for student-teacher connectivity!