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Manipulating clipart is not only fun, but it can help keep a consistent color scheme when creating projects. This activity demonstrates how to break apart clipart using Microsoft Word. After breaking it apart, you can recolor and transform it in such a way that it compliments your project. There are several parts to the clipart lesson. First, learn how to break it apart so you understand the behind the scenes of clipart creation. Second, learn how to create your own clipart using a variety of tools in Microsoft Word. Finally, once you understand how to make your own clipart, you can decorate your own book covers and more without having to worry about copyright violations. The attached PDF gives you a general idea of what the lessons will look like. To get the complete lesson, you will need to buy this wonderful book. The handouts will be available on the CD.
The above clipart was drawn using the Shapes tools in Microsoft Word. The model is one of my daughter's stuffed animals. Students absolutely love creating their own clipart once they learn the tools of Word. This gives them the opportunity to create clipart and not have to worry about getting permission if they choose to publish their work.

Chris Clementi,
Aug 8, 2009, 4:37 PM