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I have been a middle school computer application’s teacher for over nine years. Prior to teaching computer applications, I taught Social Studies in Reno Nevada. That was an interesting experience. I decided to go back to school and learn as much as possible about computers in education. I got a second Bachelors in Educational Software Design. I learned how to program children's games. I worked as a staff developer at Media Workshop, a non profit of the Bertelsmann Corporation in Manhattan. I then decided to teach computer applications after returning to Colorado. I was able to pursue my Masters in Technology in Education from Lesley University. My continued education has given me the necessary skills to be effective as a computer teacher. I incorporate tools with content so that the tools being learned have more meaning. I have created my entire curriculum. I continue to refine lessons so that they are meaningful and interesting for my students. I believe that if our students are engaged, they are learning. My website has been online for over seven years and I plan on having it available as a resource for teachers as long as I am breathing. My website is intended to accompany this book. If you have any questions about the content of the website or book, please feel free to contact me at kidsnetsoft@gmail.com. In addition to creating many meaningful lessons, I am a staff developer, presenter and lifelong learner.