Are  you looking for a book that will spice up your curriculum? Great Ways to Integrate Technology in the Classroom will make your life easier and your students will be happy. With all the buzz words about 21st Century
learning, teachers need to reconsider how they are teaching. There are so many creative ways that teachers could be using technology to improve the learning for all students. 
Students need to be engaged and excited about learning. The activities are rich with content, creativity and visual literacy. Check out the examples provided under the content section to get an idea about some of the activities. The book has over 400 pages of reproducible handouts available on a CD. In addition to being a great resource for teachers, this book can help out homeschooling and parents alike. 

Please note that the inside pages are gray-scale. Having color would have made the book very expensive. The handouts on the CD are in color so you can appreciate more dynamic color schemes.

You can get several resources, ideas and downloads by visiting my classroom website: http://www.kidsnetsoft.com/html/home2.html

Updates: If you buy my book from Paypal, you can get on a list that will allow you to get updates. With rapid changes in technology, I want to keep those who buy my book updated on changes. I have already prepared some more wonderful user friendly handouts for those who buy my affordable, practical and user friendly book. This updates site will be available until January 2014. You will also get invited to two wonderful online workshops that have video and handouts in order to complete the units. Workshops include: PowerPoint Quotes' Unit, Glog Unit and Poster Unit.

Please contact me if you have any questions: kidsnetsoft@gmail.com

To Purchase:  You can also go to Infinity Publishing or Amazon