Classroom Instruction That Works

This site was designed to support the instructional strategies included in Classroom Instruction that Works, by Robert J. Marzano, Debra J. Pickering and Jane E. Pollock. The authors reviewed decades of research and identified nine strategies that have strong effects on student achievement. It is important to note, as is pointed out by the authors, that these strategies represent one-third of three elements of effective pedagogy (Figure 1.4). The nine strategies are listed on this site and have been numbered solely for ease of navigation.  Examples of how technology can be integrated (where appropriate) have been given on each page: 

This site identifies various technology tools for teaching and learning that are aligned to each instructional strategy identified in the book. Supporting pages on this site contain resources that can be used to implement the various parts of each stratgey in the classroom. However, educators must take changes in educational technology into consideration in regards to this site. The invention of new Web 2.0 tools and constant advancements in social media will force links to be updated or removed. It is the goal of this site to add and edit information based on educator feedback.
Lastly, it goes without saying that implementing technology is not always best in certain learning situations. This site lists resources that can be used to support classroom instruction. That being said, not all of the strategies identified by the authors require focusing on technology. No tool can replace good teaching.