"We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us." Marshall McLuhan

 "Technological innovations do not create ideas, or hopes and aspirations, but they do change the ecology of feasibility." Robbie McClintock

Adjunct Professor
Adelphi University
Class Agenda:

  January 2-4 Introductory Readings: McClintock and Blacker for discussion on January 5. Details emailed.
  January 5 - You and Technology, How Social Media has Changed the Learning Landscape, Introduction to Google Tools and Participatory Culture.
  Online: Week of January 5-11. Articulating your teaching vision via Participatory Culture Skill set and matching social media tools to achieve that vision. See Online Discussion. Scheduled F2F individual discussion via Google video of project concept and goals tied to teacher's vision.
  January 12 - Creating an online project that utilizes social media and achieves some of the participatory culture skills and addresses state science and standards. 
 - Inserting gadgets into our web site.
 - Google + Hangout.
 - Project description and learning rubrics - science standards  
    and technology standards. Sharing activity.
    technology standards. Sharing activity.
 - Participatory Culture Wiki Activity
 - Email merge data from Google form with MS Outlook and

  Online: Week of January 12-18. Further development of project, readings and online discussion re: Internet Acceptable Use Policies, use of social media in science classes, reaching students with special needs, tech and science standards.

  January 19 - Tying it all together-
- Project presentations
- Discussion of readings from the week (special needs, IAUP)
- Convergence reading and discussion
- EPIC, Where are we headed? Project Reflections and Teacher
- Course and web site informal feedback

  Online: January 20 - 22 
- Time to polish projects, web site and catchup on readings/discussions if needed.