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This section is meant for all those TechFandu user like me who want some kind of technical help because on Internet they are unable to find out the proper help,

What is the difference between other such forum and this one

  • completely new problems,
  • same question will be there in repeated fashion,
  • Problems will be categorized.
  • comment those are not useful will be deleted
  • In nutshell , after discussion we will try produce a good help on such topic.


Problem 1 : 

  • If any body got success, in installing Xilinx ISE webpack 9.1 + , EDK on Fedora 6 or Fedora 7, Please give me detailed instructions. We will post here. please do not send me any method that include wine, vmware or fedora 1,2,3,4,5, ubuntu, suse. I want it only on fedora 6 or fedora 7.
  • User who has this problem :  Narendra Sisodiya
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Currently , I have not created any forum, so you can send me