Date : 6 sept 2007 - revision 1 on FAQ,

  • What is your Goal ?
    • Our only goal is to give encouragement and mentorhip to all those persons who want to become expert in their field of interest and combine them. This initiative will encourage members to work in group for common problems and goals and put forward a platform where they are not working for percentages and GPA. more info
  • Is there any fees for members ?
    • No
  • Who can join ? 
    • Any one
  • What is the procedure of joining and what to do after it?
    • Just inform us about your field of interest and give some idea on which you want to work. We will upload these information of our web-page so that other can also see/join and contact you. Initially if you are alone also, do not feel nervous, because for working on your interest you need to make a group always. You keep on working, we will upload your projects data regularly.
  • Do we need work on every topic ?
    • No, you need to work only on the topic of your interest. If it is listed then join the group using concern project member or it it is not listed then contact me with details. I will upload your idea and current stage of working and then soon other will also able to join you.
  • Can any group upload their data and tutorials at our web-space ?
    • Yes, you are welcome, But Please make format of web-page similar to the one which you are reading. If you know css and formating then you can make your pages exactly as I have. This will increase readability. You can use googlepages as I am using.
  • What other help we can provide ?
    • You can provide tips and tricks for step 1 hurdles.
    • You can provide good abstract tutorials and good web-links on a particular topics
    • You can encourage others buddies to form small groups of interested persons at your college or school level for these activities. We will make a link to your pages but keep page formatting same as we have.
  • What is the difference between other such initiative or your initiative ?
    • Difference is on scale of project : we are doing at our level
    • Difference is Reachability of Indians to those works : Formation of local subgroup solve this problem to much extent.
    • No Educational Network exist in India to share knowledge and encourage research and interest based study. Most of talented student has workability but unable to proceed at their technical area of Interest. Local subgroup will help to boost their performance.
  • After Publishing our work here, any body can copy it ? :(
    • See, first thing you need to understand , you are working for your interest and self learning, you are always 10 steps ahead then copier. After publishing any body can use it in any, we should not worry about it. Let them spoil their life. But We are going on licensing process so that your work will be reused with your name. :)
  • Is here any license associated with content here?
    • I am learning how to use GPL v3 for these software and tutorials. so that everybody is allow to use it.
  • Any further help ?