Do it with all : diwa


Status : Incomplete 

Statement : diwa is a script that execute a set of commands repeatably.

Well the idea of diwa, i got form my small script which is meant for copying all pdf files or removing all exe files from a given folder.

mkdir ../allpdf;find -name '*.pdf'|while read Filename ; do cp "$Filename" ../allpdf/ ; done 

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With the help of diwa this command will be

$ mkdir ../allpdf

$ diwa  -d ./ -m *.pdf  -e cp FILENAME ../allpdf

for removing all exe files 

$ diwa  -d ./ -m *.exe  -e rm FILENAME


for displaying removing exe files

$ diwa  -d ./ -m *.exe  -e echo FILENAME

for converting all .jpg files to .pdf

$ diwa  -d ./ -m *.jpg  -e convert FILENAME FILENAME.pdf

                   I am very busy,, you take it as assignment and do it,, give initial code...I will modify and upload,, or do it perfectly ..